In less than two weeks, Snapchat Spectacles have generated nearly $300,000 in revenue on the secondary market

November 21, 2016Business Analysis

Snap Inc’s (Snapchat’s parent company) first product, Spectacles, are all the craze right now on the internet. Spectacles are available in extremely limited quantities through Snap’s bespoke vending machines, called Snapbots. Snapbots’ locations change and are announced on a map here. New locations have been frequent and creative (Venice, Big Sur, Oklahoma, Santa Monica, the … Read More

Snapchat Spectacles are whimsical and fun, but you should hold off

November 16, 2016Product Reviews

A whirlwind of hype has surrounded the launch of Snapchat’s first product, Spectacles. The product’s initial launch in Venice, CA brought hundreds of people to Snapchat’s bespoke vending machine, the Snapbot, all hoping to snag one of Snapchat’s limited-release smart eyeglasses. Since then, the Snapbot popped up in Big Sur, CA the following Sunday and Tulsa, … Read More